Existence: Stewardship

Herein, by stewardship, I mean the care of a resource (person, place or thing) which either maintains or enhances it’s value. tx3 stewardshipLeadership was the topic in the last post. One of the outcomes of good leadership is the stewardship of that which one leads or controls. Whether leading oneself or others, that leader has options ranging from waste to

Existence: Leadership

There has been much written about leadership. That’s not surprising as most of us lead something – a family, a business, a classroom, a ministry, a government, etc., or a group within any of these. leadership book stackThus, there’s likely as many leadership styles are there are numbers of us attempting to do the leading. How one leads is clearly an outgrowth of one’s worldview.

Existence: Wealth

Wealth has many facets Why are they not always tangible, or in abundance? wealthA particular facet may not exist in abundance, but nonetheless, it may have high value and thus impart wealth to its holder(s). Is it possible to be both “poor” and “wealthy”?

Existence: Peace

What is peace? Is it just the absence of chaos? Assuming there is more to peace than “not chaos”, what are its facets? peace dove If one feels peaceful, from whence does that feeling originate?   Let’s look at some possibilities and see where worldview becomes important.

Existence: Purity

Purity runs the gamut from the physical to the metaphysical – from the personal to the impersonal.purity Herein, I will limit the discussion to the positive, e.g. pure good as opposed to pure evil. Physically or chemically speaking, were are talking about something that is unadulterated or uncontaminated, i.e. a single substance, without reference to its utility. Metaphysically, were dealing with the honorable, wholesome, moral, undistracted, etc. In between, the chemical and the metaphysical are the outcomes or actions that are produced.

Existence: Character

What is character? Herein, I will limit the conversation to that intrinsic attribute,character integrity that sense of something inherently good about one’s persona. This is in contrast to the expression of someone or something, such as the characteristics of a mob, or analogously, just being a “character”.


Where does one’s character originate? Are we born with it or is it acquired? Perhaps,

Existence: Intelligent Design

Considering the vastness of the universe, why do I exist at this time in history? Is there some aspect of design associated with not only myself, but with both the people and places with which I interact? How will those interactions shape our future?


design introspection01As one begins to ponder, “why me” or “why am I here”, he is beginning the design of his worldview.

Existence: The Metaphysical

When one has an internal sense of something, what is happening – what’s going on in the space between the molecules? sugar molecule -metaphysicalIf the human soul is comprised of the mind, will and emotion and the conscience is part of one’s spirit, it seems likely that this sensing is found among these four elements. Though at some level, biochemistry is involved, the sense, the thought, the idea, the longing, the emptiness is clearly metaphysical, but nonetheless real. This sense, however, does not obviate the potential for the biological (physical) expressions thereof. How one processes and reacts to these feelings is clearly a function of one’s worldview.

Existence: Work

What do we think about our employment? Is it something we have to do to fund our enjoyment or is it something we would do for any reasonable compensation because it brings us joy?  work-work-workAssuming there is some income associated with that work, what does one do with it? Let’s look at the various aspects of work in more detail, and how one’s worldview impacts that work and its outcomes.

Existence: Nature

Nature gets lots of press these days – laws of nature, human nature, natural foods, , natural resources, natural selection, et. al. We’ll talk about these and one more – “mother nature”. PICTURES WORLD Nature Wallpaper Wallpapers Best WallpapersHere’s an interesting thought to ponder as you read on – are we part of nature or do we just exist in it? Once again, we’ll see how our worldview matters.