Existence: The Union of Truth, Logic and Spirit

“What is truth?” “There are no absolutes.” “Everything is relative.” “I am my own source of truth.” “What’s true for me is truth to me!” We’ve all heard these type of statements, which may seem okay until one encounters an issue with someone whose truth claims are different than theirs. The ensuing conflict can be difficult to resolve unless those in conflict can find a common reference for truth on which to agree.  At this point, if the issue is substantive, your worldview really matters!

Existence: God

Why He is important...

The best presentation I have heard or read on the existence of God, was given by Walter Martin, in a lecture to students. To my knowledge, it is not available in print, but can be purchased through his web site (Purchase CDs/DVDs) . In summary, Dr. Martin presents six logical proofs for the existence of the God of the Bible. Those proofs are entwined with His creation of our universe. God's ExistenceThey are foundational to my worldview, along with “The Truth Project” and “The Ultimate Proof of Creation” by Dr. Jason Lisle. 

Existence: The “U” in Universe

Why your worldview is important...

Milkyway Existence
How do “you” fit into the universe? It’s difficult to consider the existence of anything without thinking about its purpose and destiny. Incorporating these three elements, i.e., existence, purpose and destiny, forms the basis for a rational worldview.