Existence: Knowledge and Information

It’s an interesting question –what is the origin of the information that leads to knowledge and understanding? Once we acquire it, does that make us wise? Is one’s worldview a function of thinking about that information in a way that shapes ones movement through life? It seems logical that information leads to knowledge which may result in understanding and, ultimately, wisdom.  Let’s explore these elements in more detail.information&data;

Information Explosion

Existence: Time

Well, I’m running out of time, so maybe if I write faster about it, I’ll find additional time – perhaps I need to eat more bananas, too (keep reading) ! Alas, time management is not today’s subject – time itself is the focus. time-fliesWhat is it? Where did it come from – is it going to end? If this theme, existence, purpose and destiny sounds familiar, it should as we apply those questions to time.

Existence: Fossils, Dinosaurs and Dragons

Fossils are somewhat unique. They don’t show up a few years after you bury a pet in the backyard. You may find a bone skeleton, but not a fossil, unless the bone is replaced by minerals from the earth. These replacement processes occur by a variety of means, but they typically are coincident with a catastrophic, geological event.

Fossilsfossils TRex

In Darwin’s time, the mid 19th century, there were only a few fossils, so he was optimistic that when more were found, his hypothesis