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Why He is important...

The best presentation I have heard or read on the existence of God, was given by Walter Martin, in a lecture to students. To my knowledge, it is not available in print, but can be purchased through his web site (Purchase CDs/DVDs) . In summary, Dr. Martin presents six logical proofs for the existence of the God of the Bible. Those proofs are entwined with His creation of our universe. God's ExistenceThey are foundational to my worldview, along with “The Truth Project” and “The Ultimate Proof of Creation” by Dr. Jason Lisle.  Of course, establishing the existence of the God of the Bible is the cornerstone of a Biblical worldview – what then follows, logically, is His creation of the physical, social and metaphysical aspects of our universe.

For a scientist, logical and rational thinking is an essential to any discussion of existence. Dr. Martin stated, Now if we, for a moment, suppose that we shall ever convince an unbeliever, by any series of propositions, logical thought or inferences or inductions, that the God of the Bible exists, we are deluding ourselves”. As Dr. Martin said so well, at some point our ability to understand ends and that is the point where faith begins. His and my passion was and is to help listeners extend their understanding, through a logical analyses of “the data”.

The idea that we need to extend grace to those with whom we engage in a discussion of worldviews comes from the realization that we each come into this world in a place not of our choosing.  We don’t choose our parents, where they live, work and worship or how they vote. Furthermore, these non-choices impact, initially, our educational opportunities and our way of thinking about relationships. If our formal education includes college, then one is likely challenged by a bevy of professors many of whom seem more intent on converting you to their worldview than helping you discover your own.

I have found the word “Existence” to be a good umbrella under which to collect data with which to try to both understand the world in which I find myself and how it is evolving. For me, this journey has led to an appreciation of the Lord’s Creation and a passion to share with others the joys of knowing Him well.  Regardless of where you find yourself today, I hope you can appreciate the importance of having a worldview that gives you a sense of peace and comfort about both where you are and how society is morphing around you.

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