Existence: Intelligent Design

Considering the vastness of the universe, why do I exist at this time in history? Is there some aspect of design associated with not only myself, but with both the people and places with which I interact? How will those interactions shape our future?


design introspection01As one begins to ponder, “why me” or “why am I here”, he is beginning the design of his worldview. If I exist, not in the bleakest of worldviews, then there might be some purpose associated with my life and how I live it. Is it just a matter of chance or is there more to my existence than just my own satisfaction? As we interact with others, we can either shape or be shaped by their worldviews. Very quickly, one will face the choice of good or evil in our actions and who or what makes those distinctions.

We’re approaching the transition from looking at our lives, from the inside out, to the possibility of someone from the outside looking into our lives. We’ve run headlong into the possibility of something greater than ourselves both attaching more meaning than we give to our lives and impacting how we interact with those around us. As my pastor said one Sunday, “What would the world look like if we became godly conduits of His grace and mercy.”


What if our worldview could be consistent with that of others around the world? It then, would have to be bigger than ethnic, geopolitical, geographic or other local influences. If a worldview existed where purpose were to be associated with the entire human race, then we would be at a remarkable place. To use an analogy from the theater, if we are all actors in the play of human existence, then who is the playwright, the producer and director? For what reason has our play been written? Let’s assume that there is reason in the playwright’s design and that he defines that reason as “good”.

By Design

design peacockFrom a secular perspective, our playwright could be labeled the “intelligent designer”.  There have, in fact, been a number of books written on intelligent design, where the intelligent designer just is – without further elucidation – a bit unsettling for an analytical person like me. From a theological perspective, the intelligent designer could be called “God”. At least with a theologically based worldview, there is the chance that both God and his plan will be described.

Regardless of what we call the intelligent designer, one can recognize the opportunity to connect the purpose, i.e., design, for human existence to both the nature of ourselves – body, soul and spirit – and to the nature i.e., earthly environment, in which we find ourselves. Within the Biblical worldview, I find unlimited potential for both community among all people and the preservation of our home .

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