Existence: The Metaphysical

When one has an internal sense of something, what is happening – what’s going on in the space between the molecules? sugar molecule -metaphysicalIf the human soul is comprised of the mind, will and emotion and the conscience is part of one’s spirit, it seems likely that this sensing is found among these four elements. Though at some level, biochemistry is involved, the sense, the thought, the idea, the longing, the emptiness is clearly metaphysical, but nonetheless real. This sense, however, does not obviate the potential for the biological (physical) expressions thereof. How one processes and reacts to these feelings is clearly a function of one’s worldview.

Artistic Expression

One of Beethoven’s symphonies (e.g. the “Pastoral”) or Puccini’s operas (e.g. “Madam Butterfly”) or Michelangelo’s images on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, can stir the heart (soul + spirit). How does this happen? In listening to the Pastoral, with one’s eyes closed in an otherwise undisturbed environment, there is a definite sense of being part of nature  – an almost disembodied presence, like a cloud floating over a brook flowing through a meadow filled with the fragrance of wildflowers.

The emotion evoked by the synergy of the music and libretto in Madam Butterfly is, for me, surpassed only by the totality of the impact of Mel Gibson’s, “The Passion of the Christ”. Many have said that to have such feelings, is to be really alive – to be stirred from the inside out to a “peace that (passes) all understanding” – as opposed to an outside in (drug) induced euphoria, with the negative effects of its hangover. Here, your worldview really matters in terms of how or if you experience the rest, hope, peace and joy that God designed us to feel.

Dreams and Visions

In the quietness that accompanies deep thought, silent prayer or sleep there can be a transition into the metaphysical – into dreams. For our purposes, Webster defines dreams as 2:  an experience of waking life having the characteristics of a dream as a :  a visionary creation of the imagination :  daydream; b :  a state of mind marked by abstraction or release from reality :  reverie; c :  an object seen in a dreamlike state :  vision.

It makes sense that at least the mind and one’s spirit are involved in dreams. Does ones worldview impact whether dreams will be nightmares, something more ordinary, or just an idea (vision) that’s too good to have been yours alone – it had to have come to your spirit via the Holy Spirit, from His mind to your mind, if He is part of your (Biblical) worldview. So many questions – do dreams and visions emanate from the same space in which the angels (and demons) operate?

Déjà vu

What about déjà vu – that sense of having done or said the same thing before, under the same circumstance? Where does that come from? I’ve experienced it at times. Thinking as far afield as “parallel (multiple) universes”, was some sort of wormhole connectedness behind this experience? It, too, resides in the metaphysical – in the space between the molecules. Whatever prompts that recurring sense, it is cause for wonder. Is there some analogy to the dark energy/matter that may hold the cosmos together? While cosmologists have pondered “The Invisible Hand of God”, my worldview says, amen. Déjà vu, for me, has never been nightmarish – at worst only curious, at best, thought provoking. The energy that holds me together is the “…Spirit of the living God” and the wisdom and knowledge  that His revelation imparts to me.

The Creator has enabled us to feel His presence. As an outcome of knowing Him, there is a connectedness with His nature, in every sense of the word. The heart has been elevated by a sense of connectedness with the creation. Ronan Tynan, in “Sail Away”, vocalizes a picture of either hope or depression on a voyage to find either meaning and purpose or emptiness. The type of voyage (life) we’re on is very much a function of who is at the helm, reading the compass. There is a peace of mind that comes from knowing that my navigator is the Creator of the universe. Does your worldview provide a sense of being at peace with life?

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