Existence: The “U” in Universe

Why your worldview is important...

Milkyway Existence
How do “you” fit into the universe? It’s difficult to consider the existence of anything without thinking about its purpose and destiny. Incorporating these three elements, i.e., existence, purpose and destiny, forms the basis for a rational worldview. In other words, how one navigates through the past, present and future shapes one’s worldview, either knowingly or unknowingly.  If something exists, whether physical or metaphysical, I would suggest that there is a reason for that existence.


For example, a person might reflect, “…where did I come from, why am I here and how am I going to end up…?” If one thinks analogously about our universe, the relevant data is a bit more complex, but the same worldview should be consistent with both – it should explain everything from the micro to the macroscopic and all that is in between.

It is not always easy to find an explanation for what we observe. Particle physicists, for instance, have been “scratching their heads” over recent results generated at a research facility in Switzerland.  A similar sense of bewilderment exists with the chaos in relationships of all kinds. The resulting stresses make for discomfort and, without a worldview in which to frame those issues, moving on can be difficult.


I’ll share more on some of the dilemmas in which we find ourselves in subsequent posts. How we try to understand, i.e., through what “lenses” we view, their existence is very much a function of our worldview – one could properly say it determines our worldview. Those sets of assumptions, postulates and hypotheses we use to interpret the (same) data are our “lenses”. So, as we move forward, searching for understanding (worldviews) on what was, is or will be, let us respect the fact that none of us may be wearing the same “prescription”.

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One thought on “Existence: The “U” in Universe

  1. Ray: you are to be commended for your willingness to continue to hold scientific orthodoxy to an increasingly novel level of honest inquiry. While entitled to one’s own theories, one’s own facts beg to be aggressively challenged. Thanks for helping inquiring minds chase down many of those sacred cows of the scientific academies.