Existence: Time

Well, I’m running out of time, so maybe if I write faster about it, I’ll find additional time – perhaps I need to eat more bananas, too (keep reading) ! Alas, time management is not today’s subject – time itself is the focus. time-fliesWhat is it? Where did it come from – is it going to end? If this theme, existence, purpose and destiny sounds familiar, it should as we apply those questions to time.

Existence: Fossils, Dinosaurs and Dragons

Fossils are somewhat unique. They don’t show up a few years after you bury a pet in the backyard. You may find a bone skeleton, but not a fossil, unless the bone is replaced by minerals from the earth. These replacement processes occur by a variety of means, but they typically are coincident with a catastrophic, geological event.

Fossilsfossils TRex

In Darwin’s time, the mid 19th century, there were only a few fossils, so he was optimistic that when more were found, his hypothesis

Existence: Intelligent Life

A popular question today is where do we find intelligent life and how did it originate?  We can divide intelligent life into two parts: (1) intelligent life on earth and (2) intelligent life anywhere else in our universe. intelligent lifeFor part one, we begin with the presupposition that, for earthlings, humans are the most intelligent species that we are aware of  – we’ll come back to that later in this post. Regarding part two, extraterrestrial intelligent life, this has been the subject of both fiction writers and scientific conjecture

Existence: Evil and Justice

Most people agree that one of the attributes of goodness is love and that an attribute of evil is hate. Yet, one of life’s greatest challenges is the pain and suffering that affects us and those around us. There are times something connected with suffering ultimately has a good outcome. For example, the loss of a job might lead to something better “right around the corner”. Think about a health challenge, such as surviving a heart attack, that becomes a wake-up call leading one to live a better, healthier life.evil vs good

It is more difficult to deal with the suffering that comes out of either evil intentions or for no apparent reason at all.

Existence: What’s the Point?

At an individual level, this post’s title is quite personal, and broad. Is there any point to our existence and how might a worldview help understand it? If a worldview can provide a framework for one’s life, perhaps it can address the meat, i.e., purpose, in the sandwich of the existence, purpose and destiny of our lives.

point of hope

If people think there is no point (purpose) for their life (existence), it can lead them to a very dark place,

Existence: The Origin of Our Universe

An Overview

In past posts, I’ve developed some key elements of worldviews – their importance and the role of truth and logic in formulating them. Now we look at the origin of our surroundings and their consistency with a worldview that must incorporate those surroundings.

From Dr. Martin’s perspective, there are only two choices: origin of universe1) Either our universe is eternal, that is it’s always existed and always will, or 2) its non-eternal, having a beginning, and presumably an end.  

Existence: The Union of Truth, Logic and Spirit

“What is truth?” “There are no absolutes.” “Everything is relative.” “I am my own source of truth.” “What’s true for me is truth to me!” We’ve all heard these type of statements, which may seem okay until one encounters an issue with someone whose truth claims are different than theirs. The ensuing conflict can be difficult to resolve unless those in conflict can find a common reference for truth on which to agree.  At this point, if the issue is substantive, your worldview really matters!

Existence: God

Why He is important...

The best presentation I have heard or read on the existence of God, was given by Walter Martin, in a lecture to students. To my knowledge, it is not available in print, but can be purchased through his web site (Purchase CDs/DVDs) . In summary, Dr. Martin presents six logical proofs for the existence of the God of the Bible. Those proofs are entwined with His creation of our universe. God's ExistenceThey are foundational to my worldview, along with “The Truth Project” and “The Ultimate Proof of Creation” by Dr. Jason Lisle. 

Existence: The “U” in Universe

Why your worldview is important...

Milkyway Existence
How do “you” fit into the universe? It’s difficult to consider the existence of anything without thinking about its purpose and destiny. Incorporating these three elements, i.e., existence, purpose and destiny, forms the basis for a rational worldview.